Over 30 years of building experience

Rockwall homes is an owner operated building company based in Canterbury, New Zealand. Dave Busch has been in the building industry for over 30 years and is your single point of contact for the entire project.

Rockwall Homes Daves Busch

Experienced Trade Partners

As a locally owned and operated family business we are committed to only working with companies that have a proven track record for delivering quality work and ensuring our solid reputation. These companies have demonstrated an ability and willingness to live up to our high standards .The result is a home built by the best .

Products that perform

Rockwall Homes only use products with proven performance. The products featured in our homes have demonstrated their ability to meet this goal.

Energy Efficient Products

A Rockwall Home is an energy efficient home. By providing a tightly sealed thermal envelope though superior insulation methods. Energy efficient LED lighting insulated exterior doors and careful placement of windows, offering you a high level of comfort and savings.

Low Maintenance

Many of the materials Rockwall Homes use today when building homes are purposely low maintenance. This gives you more time to do what you enjoy.

Superior Technology & Design

Own a Rockwall Homes and have the opportunity for the latest technology and design. With today’s technology, your new Rockwall Homes can be personalized further with available options. Satisfy your personal wants and desires to match your individual tastes, lifestyle and budget. Our variety of designs will certainly satisfy your very discerning tastes.


The real fun starts for many homeowners when they get to choose what goes inside their brand new Rockwall Home, making our design and selection choices a decorators dream. Rockwall homes only use a selection of top quality brand name products to personalise your home. Many standard features that other builders consider ans ‘upgrades’ are included.

Master Build Warranty

Life has no guarantees but at Rockwall Homes, we do. Rockwall provides a 10 year Master Build Warranty which is transferable for your peace of mind and resale value.