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Rockwell homes delivers hi spec homes, tailored to your styles and budget. We use only the best trades and suppliers to make sure you receive the most satisfying build experience.

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Rockwall homes understand that we are not just building any home; we are building the best vision for your home. With Rockwall Homes you will experience the difference of genuine commitment, exceptional quality, industry leading service and no hidden extras.

Work directly with your builder

There are many benefits of working with a qualified and licensed Builder when building your new home.

It’s safe to say that building a new home, possibly one of the biggest investments that you will make in your life, is one place that you want to be careful about cutting corners.

  • You are only dealing with one person for the complete build.

  • I manage, coordinate and supervise the complete project.

  • Trades have been carefully selected over the years, and know the standard that I require.

Looking to build or buy?

Whatever your situation, we have a projects ready for you!
Empty sections are great for creating your home just the way you want it.
Buy a home already under construction to personalise the finishing touches and make it your own.
Purchase a completed home that’s ready for you to move in!

Why Chose Rockwall homes?

Our expertise grown from years of past projects ensures your future has solid foundations.

A Rockwall Home represents tremendous value, while simultaneously removing the hassles, headaches and guesswork from the home buying process.

We have done the research up-front to determine which features are most desirable and have simply included them.

Our purchasing power enables us to provide all these great features at the best possible value.

Everything included, doesn’t mean “one size fits all”, all our plans can have your own personality and taste added to them.

We build your lifestyle

Your home is your biggest investment, so we are fully invested in you and your project.

Rockwall Homes are proud to build relationships as well as homes. It is this genuine commitment to people that is a keystone of Rockwall’s philosophy; to provide exceptional quality and industry leading client service, with no hidden costs.

Our standard building specifications are so high, there’s no need to add any more through the building experience, but you are welcome to should you wish.

From day 1 you deal with the builder who runs the project and works on site, ensuring every step is to Rockwall Homes high standard.

Our clients are our best adverts

Happy customers keep us in business

We pride ourselves on making sure everyone is totally satisfied at the end of the build.

We’d love to add you to our long list of satisfied home owners.

My wife and I being Christchurch Earthquake victims, so to speak, were seeking a new house out of Christchurch as we were really tired of our old house severely shaking at even the smallest of aftershocks.
We had looked at a great many houses for sale both in Kaiapoi and Rangiora, North Canterbury.
Unfortunately after many Sunday afternoons of looking we had found none suitable for our needs that was until we made a turn down an uncompleted street in Sovereign Palms, Kaiapoi.
The street came to a dead end so we turned around, my wife then spotted this nearly completed four bedroom brick house with a built in three car garage across the road.
The builders van was on the property so I wandered over and asked the builder, who introduced himself as Dave Busch, if the house was for sale.
Dave answered yes and within the blink of an eye was showing us around the house, explaining how things would look when it was finished.

Though the house was still unfinished my wife and I were still impressed with the standard of workmanship and the overall design.
Dave even went to the trouble of showing us around a house further down the road that he had built, it was completely finished and to a high standard.
We decided that the house in Beachvale Drive was the one meant for us, so we naturally purchased it.
In May/June 2015 we began moving into our new House.
The Standard of finish is extremely high. So high in fact that the insurance valuer honestly believed it was a show home.
Dave even went so far as carpeting the garage floor with that special garage carpet, nothing was a bother to him.
The house is also fully alarmed and came with an inbuilt home heating system.
Then one year later when my wife (as wives often do) decided on an alteration in the laundry.
Dave was able to arrange for his tiler to come in and complete the job for us at a minimal cost.
So if you want a very nice house built, then Dave Busch of Rockwall Homes should be your very first port of call.

Lynette and Jeff .

Dave  built our home in Sovereign Lakes Kaiapoi

Dave’s craftmanship , workmanship and the finishing of our home is of a very high standard and specification.
He kept us informed of all aspects of the build and his communications were superb.

At no time was there any stress to us; we were overwhelmed the way it all went.
Dave is so easy too get along with and helped us immensely in design and fittings for our home.

We highly recommend Dave to anyone who wants a superior home built.

Graeme and Lois

My wife and I have 2 young girls and had lived in our previous house for over 10 years but had outgrown the small section. We decided to make the move knowing all the stresses that are involved in buying and selling…hold on tight!!

After looking at lots of new houses in different subdivisions, we could not find anything that we felt met our requirements apart from one house that was under offer and subsequently sold, who built this house we asked? Along came David from Rockwall Homes and our incredible journey started from there.

David took us to a house that he had just started building and took us through the house and build process. He was so easy to talk to and made the process of building sound so easy, could this be true? We had heard so many horror stories. My wife and I instantly felt comfortable with David and liked how interested he was in what we were after “you can change this, you can have that, you can do what you like, its up to you” it just felt right and as its turned out was the best move we have ever made.

We sold our small house in 2 days, the stars aligned and we went ahead with David to build our dream house. It was like it was meant to be! My family and I popped in every week to see how things were going after we had decided details around the house. David would take as much time as we needed as we walked around the frame, the brick up, gib board on and the house came to life, each week watching it turn into our dream house. David would ring at milestones to ask what we thought of styles for fittings and fixtures and we had full reign to customise our new house and it felt great! There was just no pressure, it was simply easy and fun as the day came David handed our Key over for our new house!

If you are thinking about building and unsure who to engage, you need to talk to David from Rockwall Homes. He is so easy to work with and makes the build process seamless and stress free. Put simply it was so much easier than we ever thought. We now have the home we dreamed about and our girls have a yard they can run around in and we have an incredible house that every time somebody new comes over they ask “who built this for you, its amazing!”

Thanks David and the Rockwall team, We still cant quite believe how awesome the experience was!

Ben & Sarah

Ben & Sarah

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